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lala+j pop up store collaboration with Pom Yoga

May 31, 2017 1 Comment

lala+j pop up store collaboration with Pom Yoga

My relationship with Pomegranate centre began when Maya was born. I was new to the mom thing & had little or no community . All i knew was my corporate life & lifestyle which did not involve babies, strollers or diapers . I had decided to stay home with Maya as this is how me and my husband were raised and what we wanted for our kids to have one parent present.  Boy, i did not realize how hard it would be .We were one of the first to have kids so all my friends here in America were all in the office all the way in the city !! ( we had relocated for work ) . I felt alone , lost and alienated. I also desperately wanted to try to have a FLAT TUMMY again ( 4years later still working on that Hmmmm) 

I searched and searched for a place to find both community and fitness . I hit the jackpot when i found the Pomegranate yoga and parenting centre which was relatively new then. . Based in San Anselmo, Pom centre is a hub for moms and families seeking fitness with childcare, moms groups, parenting workshops and community support . (www.pomcenter.com)

Maya and i started the pre crawlers post natal yoga class and it really was such a great time for us. ( see picture of maya at 3 months old demonstrating with our yoga instructor) We would grab a coffee or a walk after class , San Anselmo is such a beautiful part of Marin county . Class was super casual but still focused on moms' reaching their fitness goals with a strong push for patience & taking it slow . Teaching us to be patient and be kind to ourselves. This mom thing is NO joke and having a little one to care for while being sleep deprived and lonely can be pretty overwhelming. Mom's would stop and breast feed in class , We would share things and open our practice with mindfulness. I loved going there , unfortunately thanks to maya being ever eager and learning to crawl at 5 months ( i mean really how selfish )  our time was cut short:) 

When i started lala+j and was looking for a space and audience to show the collection to  . I immediately contacted Mariposa who is now running the studio and in fact her and her son were in Maya and my yoga class ! She was super excited and supportive and our collaboration start to take formation . You see the moms in the class are who i created this product for . They will also be the ones who understand my journey the most . I am so extremely excited to launch this pop up shop with Mariposa tomorrow it feels as though i have come full circle in my Mom journey and ended up right where i started , looking to these moms to support my new endeavor as mom , looking for community again as i strive to find a balance of mom & me . As Mariposa put so perfectly "mom's helping mom's is what it's all about .

Please pop by and visit the studio it really is a great  place and a support to so many in the Marin county community and while you are there come check out the NEW LALA + J line ! Yay!

We will be at the Pom centre from 1-30 June 2017




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Rina Pang
Rina Pang

June 10, 2017

Great story!! Good luck on your journey and I’ll be sure to let the community know!!

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